Don’t do it for your self only

I’m a mother to this beautiful 2 years old girl and if I don’t speak out and break this rape cycle now..chances are she might become the victim of rape one day and I won’t be able to see her cry day and night like I did six years ago so must take the first step to change the mindset of young girl and women out there Rape can not be justified not by culture

Not by age

Not by gender

Not by marriage

RAPE SHOULD BE STOPED I AM NOT ONLY SPEAKING OUT FOR MY SELF BUT FOR MY daughter,for my sisters,for my aunts, for my cousins, for my community ,for my country and for my continent



Sometimes you may feel like you are lost in the big forest and there is no way out but believe me,there is light at the end of the tunnel

Get help

Reporting rape is not only about getting the molester behind bars but if you report before 72 hours you can also get medical attention,I’m talking morning after pill to prevent pregnancy and HIV testing and if u are negative they give you ARV’s to prevent the virus from growing in your body so please report RAPE…….


Why did you just lay my body down and take the life out of me,y did you just cut me so deep,I was only a little girl and I knew nothing,u touched me where no one has ever touched and forced your self on me and left me so numb and scared Why??did my voice and my tears make you feel like you are a man???